turning virtual summits into engaging experiences

Virtual Summits as we know them are out. 
Online Conference community events are in.

What's the difference between a virtual summit & an online conference?

Virtual Summits tend to have little or subpar quality content, few networking opportunities, no swag, and no ambiance. We're working to change that.

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who is the modern conference?

The Modern Conference is founded and led by Kyrsten Sherwood of the Launch Brand Grow Commun-ity (formerly known as Copper Kettle Co) and Raising Abundance.

After three successful, community-building, financially fruitful and email list exploding online conferences, she decided that there was a gap in the market - that virtual summits as we know them

are convenient, yes, and inexpensive, yes, they're also typically poor quality and tend leave a lot on the table.

She and The Modern Conference team have made it their mission to turn the online event industry into a space that feels as intimate, high quality, inspiring and educational as a well put together, in person event.

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