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Hosting Speaking and Attending a Virtual Summit

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Online Conferences are a Win-Win-Win for Everyone (and Here’s Why)

One of the first concerns I had when contemplating hosting our first virtual summits was – how exactly will this benefit everyone involved? How exactly do you make money from hosting a virtual summit? How do you grow your email list? Do you pay Speakers? How do Attendees attend?   And if you’re making money from […]

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5 Reasons to Host a Virtual Summit


5+ Reasons to Host Your Own Online Conference

In our experience, hosting online conferences (aka virtual summits) has been one of THE best, most rewarding, most lucrative experiences in the 6+ years we’ve been business owners. Here’s a list of how we’ve personally benefited from hosting our summits and why we suggest other consider doing so as well. Disclaimer: This blog post may […]

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